Champion Gratitude in the Workplace!

By Marshall Goldsmith

Do you find civility prevalent in your workplace? Many people don’t. In this week’s interview with Chester Elton, #1 bestselling author of All In, The Carrot Principle, and The Best Team Wins, we learn the importance of and how to champion gratitude and civility in the workplace.

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Below is an excerpt from our interview.

Marshall: I’m here with my wonderful friend, Chester Elton. Chester the world’s authority in leadership and culture. Global Gurus does a study every year about the top people in the world in their fields, and last time, I got to be ranked number one executive coach and number two in leadership thinking. As you know, I’ve retired from one on one coaching. I’m no longer a leadership professor at Dartmouth, so I’ve taken myself out of the contest. I think you are a wonderful choice for leadership, so I would nominate you for leadership in Global Gurus and also for culture. You are an expert in these areas!

Give me just one or two quick thoughts on each, one on leadership and one culture, that really stand out for you.

ChesterFirst off, thank you for retiring and creating room for the rest of us!

In leadership, I really started to focus on this idea of gratitude, that we need a more civil workplace, and again, as we’ve looked at not just the good leaders, but the extraordinary leaders, they’re grateful for their position. They’re grateful for the opportunity to lead, and they’re grateful for the people that work with and for them, so we’re taking a deep dive on that.

Marshall Goldsmith Meme

I think that so often we see this lack of civility in the workplace, the top down, the authoritarian, the bullying online and so on. Political discourse no matter where it is seems to be is just so mean. I think if we bring back leadership, gratitude, and being appreciative it’s going to benefit all of us.

Marshall: How about culture?

Chester: Culture. Yes, I love culture, and again, this idea of not just engaging your people, but enabling them and energizing them. The great cultures that we study knew not just what they did and how they did it, but the way to do it, that noble cause, not just how are we getting more customers or building better products. How is that ripple impacting our employees, their lives, and their communities. When you’ve got that noble cause, when your vision is to really change the world, that’s where cultures great very deep very quickly and attract great talent.

Marshall: Wonderful. Thank you!

I just turned 70 on March 20! Thanks to so many people for helping me have a great life!

Marshall Goldsmith Meme
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