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Over his long and rich career, Marshall Goldsmith has created many tools that his clients can use to apply the methods they learn directly from Marshall. Marshall has decided to provide
these tools to you, so that you too can experience some of the same insights, steps and methods as his clients to become a better leader, manager, colleague, friend or partner.

You will find apps, downloadable spreadsheets and much, much more.

Marshall Goldsmith Coaching App


Marshall brings his one-of-a-kind coaching methods directly to you with this dynamic app. It
offers access to weekly leadership coaching tips and reminders for as long as you wish. With a
paid subscription you get daily reminders and coaching.

Daily Question App- Impact Yourself Daily

Marshall’s Impact Yourself Daily app is configurable so that you can score and track answers to questions that you yourself define depending on your goals. Creating change requires commitment, and this app gives you the tools to commit. To help you create lasting change, the app’s questions are framed around the form of, “Did I try my best to…?” The app will graph your scores against each question and award you medals and trophies based on achieving the goals you have set for yourself.

Tools_Daily Question APP
Tools_Daily Question Spreadsheet

Daily Questions Spreadsheet

Marshall’s Daily Questions Spreadsheet allows you to track your progress in all of the questions you ask yourself and the goals you set. It features a daily checklist for you, and will provide you with a running average of your score, to see where you land on your commitments to positive change. It takes the guesswork out of staying focused on everything from meaningful activities, to building relationships to noting how often you try to prove yourself right.

The Mojo Survey

The Mojo Survey is a downloadable spreadsheet that collects the information you need to ask about your short-term satisfaction (that is, happiness) and long-term benefits (that is, meaning) in your life. It poses questions about your activities and your approach to them that will give you actionable results you that can give you a new perspective on how to achieve your goals.

Tools_Mojo Survey

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