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Past Interviews

Forbes: Why The Best Laid Plans Fail, And How To Beat Those Odds

When you woke up this morning, did you feel confident in your agenda for the day?  Were you motivated to make it happen?  As you left the office, did you get it all done? Not likely, and it’s probably not the first time either.  We often fall short because even the best leaders are “superior planners and inferior doers,” insists…

The Buddha of the Boardroom

In this week’s issue, Larissa MacFarquhar writes about Marshall Goldsmith, one of the country’s most successful executive coaches. Using techniques such as “360° feedback” and drawing on his Buddhist faith, Goldsmith has been hired to change the behavior of dozens of executives at large corporations—often to make them more likable. Here MacFarquhar discusses her subject and today’s corporate culture.

ABC News: The Conversation: Breaking Down the MOJO

Coimbatore: An American leadership coach and writer who not just practices Buddhism but incorporates it into his programmes; a yogi and spiritual leader who leverages technology, enjoys a game of golf and is an unabashed motorcycle enthusiast—the occidental and the oriental truly collude (and sometimes collide) here.

what great leaders are saying
Pau Gasol

Pau Gasol

President of the Gasol Foundation
2x National Basketball Association world champion
5x Olympian (3 medals)

“I’ve been incredibly fortunate to have met Marshall, to have him as part of my life an to have been able to learn from him – along with learning from the many other exceptional people in his 100 coaches community. He has played a very important role in my transition from being a professional athlete to the next chapter in my life.”

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Aicha Evans

VP and general manager /
Fortune top ten next generation of female leaders

Marshall’s coaching invites leaders to focus relentlessly on their behavior. The leader’s behavior as well as the team’s behavior become the basis for great results and continuous improvement. This will be key to success for the connected, global, knowledge-driven companies of the future.

What Great Leaders are Saying slider 3

Deanna Mulligan

CEO, Fortune 50 most powerful women in business
Guardian Life

You can’t teach an old dog new tricks…without Marshall Goldsmith’s help. With his coaching, you can change your old behavior to create new outcomes.”

What Great Leaders are Saying slider 4

G. M. Rao

CEO / Indian entrepreneur of the year
GRM Group (India)

Marshall Goldsmith is a great author and world-renowned executive coach. His contribution to our group has been immense, and we have greatly benefited from his unparalleled experience and his knowledge.

What Great Leaders are Saying slider 5

Jim Yong Kim

Twelfth president of the World Bank
World Bank

I have had the great fortune of working with Marshall for several years. He has helped me in so many ways. Triggers represents a natural progression in Marshall’s work and many of the ideas in it have already helped me and many of his other clients. As with all of his books, I know that Marshall’s focused, practical and insightful approach will help you in leadership, but even more important, it can help you in life!

What Great Leaders are Saying slider 6

Regis Schultz

CEO / one of Europe’s top electrical retailers Darty Group (France)

I had the great privilege of being coached by Marshall. He has been able to trigger change in my life and help me move to the next level in leadership. He has changed my life and career.

Amy Edmonson

Amy Edmonson

Professor Harvard Business School 2021 Thinkers50 #1 Most Influential Management Thinker in with World

“The Earned Life is a great addition to Marshall’s body of work. The advice in this book can help you keep on achieving and, at the same time, do a better job of finding peace and happiness in the process.”

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