When to Start Living Your Own Life

When to Start Living Your Own Life By Marshall Goldsmith People are always being categorized — they’re parts of groups rather than individuals. And how …

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Can You Control Your Environment & Trigger Your Most Desired Behavior?

Can You Control Your Environment & Trigger Your Most Desired Behavior? By Marshall Goldsmith This is a great question, and would make change possible for …

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Choosing Your Life

In Buddhism, every moment counts.

Now, this is not a new concept, but it is one that has had staying power, from the classical world to our own.

Writing several hundred years after Buddha, the Roman poet Horace was perhaps the first to use the phrase, “carpe diem,” or seize the day, in print. It appears in the first book of his Odes. He urged readers to take advantage of the moments they are living, to recognize the worth of living now rather than later.

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Fulfilling an Earned Life

Many people ask themselves whether they are living a fulfilling life, whether they’ve made the right choices. Many of us continue to live in regret, ruing our decisions that took us down a path different from what we had envisioned for ourselves.

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Existential Regret Is Exhausting

We are always weighing ourselves against our expectations.

Have we succeeded where we wanted? Have we failed? Have we tried? Have we given it our all? Have we made a difference? Are we fulfilled? Are we unhappy with what our life has become?

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