Leading Organizational Learning

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Leading Organizational Learning brings together today’s top thinkers in organizational learning—including Jon Katzenbach, Margaret J. Wheatley, Dave Ulrich, Calhoun W. Wick, Beverly Kaye, and other thought and industry leaders. This handbook helps business, government, and nonprofit leaders understand how to master learning and knowledge sharing within their organizations.  This one-of-a-kind volume is filled with chapters that directly address the most current ideas, concepts, and practices on the topic of organizational learning. Acclaimed authors, world-renowned thought, global, and industry leaders, managing directors, and presidents of leading organizations have contributed their original essays to this provocative collection.

Leading Organizational Learning

* Offers ten guidelines to help key employees and knowledge workers do a better job of influencing upper management
* Demonstrates the best way to move ideas through an organization
* Outlines the principles that facilitate knowledge management
* Explains how people learn on the job
* Discusses how larger organizations can leverage their “bigness”
* Proposes a method of knowledge mapping to effectively organize and use knowledge in decisionmaking
* Outlines the knowledge and attributes integral to the success of today’s executives
* Discusses passing knowledge from person to person
* Explains how consultants can help organizations develop ideas
* Debunks the myths and explores the realities of knowledge management


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