The Drucker Foundation: The Organization of the Future

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Join the best minds on business as they envision the future

The Drucker Foundation
This much anticipated second title in the Drucker Foundation Future Series imagines tomorrow’s organization.

Bringing together such heavy hitters as James Champy, C.K. Prahalad, Charles Handy, Lewis Platt (CEO of Hewlett Packard), and Jay Galbraith, this second volume in the Drucker Foundation Future Series is poised to be the business book of the year.

In these 40 new, never-before-published essays, bestselling authors, top-notch consultants, Fortune 500 CEO?s, and revered management scholars expound on the challenges we face in building the organization of tomorrow. Fresh perspectives and challenging observations will enlighten business people from all industries on how to keep their organizations healthy and competitive well into the 21st century.
Supported by two giants–Peter Drucker opens the book, and Charles Handy closes it–the authors within provide their own perspectives on tomorrow, in thoughtful, to-the-point chapters. Together they underscore where, when, and how organizations and their leaders must evolve, not only to survive but also to prosper.

The contributors show how to:
* prepare for breakdowns and create the nimble, change-adept company
* navigate generational riptides among employees by meeting their preferences in leadership style
* attract, motivate, and retain the best employees
* achieve a winning culture of high performance and high self-esteem
* support work-life balance and provide flexibility to knowledge workers
Today’s and tomorrow’s leaders everywhere will find practical advice in these essays to help them reshape their own organizations of the future.


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