Tributes to Peter F. Drucker

Leadership Excellence, Marshall Goldsmith

Marshall writes about his experience with Peter Drucker as “A Simple and Humble Man”. Tributes also from Frances Hesselbein, Phil Harkins, Tom Peters, Geoffrey Colvin, Michael G. Winston, L. Ara Norwood, Cornelis A. de Kluyver, Bob Nelson, and Rick Warren.

“A Simple and Humble Man” by Marshall Goldsmith, Executive coach and author

At one board meeting of the Peter Drucker Foundation, I asked Peter, “You have written much about mission-what is your mission?”

He replied, “To help other people achieve their goals-assuming that they are not immoral or unethical!”

Along with his brilliance, he was a simple and humble man who wanted to help others achieve their goals. He not only taught me about management, he taught me about life. By his example, he showed me the importance of loving what you do-and communicating this enthusiasm.

He loved his wife, family, friends, work, and life. His zest for living was always there-even at the end. I visited with Peter shortly before his death. He took the time to have a lively discussion about the state of the world and the future we face. I was amazed at his sense of history, his deep insight, his passion, and his caring. Peter Drucker did not just teach by what he wrote-he taught by who he was.

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