Creating Positive Global Change

Recently, I had the great opportunity to interview my wonderful friend Dr. Jim Kim, President of the World Bank, for the 7th annual World Business Executive Coach Summit. We talked about many important topics, like transformative leadership, making a contribution, and creating positive change on a global scale.

I’ve had the privilege now of doing two sessions with WBECS that focus on my clients. The first was with Alan Mulally, former CEO of Ford Motor Company, who in 2014 was ranked the number three greatest leader in the world in Fortune Magazine and was also CEO of the year in the United States. The second is this interview with Dr. Kim.

Dr. Kim, who has one of the most important positions on earth as President of the World Bank and who has worked with some of the greatest leaders around the world, has one of the most significant mission statements I have ever heard: the eradication of extreme poverty on Earth. I feel such a privilege to be able to work with him and to share this full-length interview with you.

Just one of the important things that President Kim shares with us in this interview is how he uses the facilitative approach to leadership that he learned from Alan Mulally at the World Bank, and how successful it is in helping to create positive global change. President Kim suggests that change doesn’t have to be created with the anger, toughness or ruthlessness that is so often prevalent in less confident leaders.

Following Alan’s lead, Kim believes that change can be far more successfully achieved by helping people achieve their goals, through caring about people, and by being a person who knows everyone as she walks through the office halls. This mix of warmth and compassion tied to strong ethical leadership is the secret to affecting massive positive change on a global scale.

This and many more learnings are what you’ll discover in this interview. I hope that you enjoy it and that it is useful to you!

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